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  • Three experienced Mpumalanga professional individuals, namely Timothy Zulu, Phillip Mogola and Welcome Magagula, met from about 4 years ago to brainstorm the concept of starting a community TV channel in Mpumalanga Province.
  • They put this plan into action from January 2016. Since then the chahas been gaining momentum and popularity in the Province.
  • To be the leading content provider in provincial-based satellite broadcasting channels in South Africa



     We shall provide enhanced broadcasting services that are supported by advanced technologies, competent staff and local content promotion, while complying with the following framework:

  • Technological Advancement: we shall endevour to keep abreast with innovative technologies to ensure quality broadcasting.
  • Legal Compliance: our content shall comply with relevant legal requirements governing broadcasting and media industry.
  • Promoting Provincial Content: accurate, relevant and fresh local content to our viewers, while keeping them abreast of occurrences in the country & abroad.
  • Competent Staff: vigorously striving to develop our employees to ensure they provide highest levels of broadcast services.
  • Informing, Educating & Entertaining: striving to give current up-to-date information; while educating & educating our viewers.
  • Partnering with Government and Private Sector: to stimulate provincial economy, job creation and better life for all.
  • MP is very rich with culture, tourism, agriculture and farming, wild-life, mining and  general businesses.  This richness and economic status needs to be sold to the nation and the world through TV media;
  • Most Provinces have their own TV channels, Mpumalanga cannot be left behind.
  • Our Provincial media artists (e.g. film-makers, actors, designers,  musicians, etc.) are struggling to sell their content elsewhere; a local TV platform is needed to create economic market for them within the Province.
  • To stimulate economic development especially to SMME’s, a local television platform is needed.
  • For the purpose of testing our resources (equipment, technological infrastructure & human skills), we partnered with 1KZNTV (DSTV Channel 261) for broadcast space. We were on air on channel 261 since 1 November 2016 till January 2017. This gave us a huge broadcast experience with quality broadcasting.
  • From 1 October 2017 we started broadcasting independently via satellite television, on FreeVision / Free-To-Air satellite platform (Channel 129).
  • We are currently negotiating with key service providers like STARSAT to carry us from first quarter of 2019.
  • With these solid initiatives, the “Rising Sun TV” has been born.


  • RISING SUN TV takes its name from “Mpumalanga Province”, the Place of the Rising Sun. Our corporate slogan / tagline “phuma langa sikotse” is in line with the provincial theme of being a true Mpumalanga, all-inclusive channel.
  • The channel temporarily operates from this temporary physical address: Office 306, 32 Bell Street, Nelspruit, 1201 since Mbombela is the capital city of Mpumalanga Province. We are in the process of acquiring studios in the following areas: Middelnburg, Secunda, Bushbuckridge & Nkomazi. 
  • Board members (Advisory Committee) have been appointed. Vacant management positions will be filled once the channel is on air soon.
  • Our competent TV Presentersand Production Crew (cameramen, editors, etc) are of the world-class standard.
  • Relationship with other TV channels contributed to iur existence (e.g. Soweto TV, I-TV, Malawi TV, 1KZNTV, SABC and other media entities).
  • Our programs include (a) New (b) Sports (Tourism) (c) Business & Lifestyle (d) Beauty & Fashion (e) Comedy (f) Career advises (g) Health (h) Education (i) Government partnerships (j) Township & Corporate events (k) Kiddies (l) Christian religion (m) Other African religions (n) Music varieties and many more.
Founder Members



  • Control Centre Manager at Eskom,
  • PRO at Mpumalanga  Choral music Association,
  • Secretary General for COMFESA,
  • Electrical Engineer registered with Engineering Council of SA (ECSA), 
  • Contributed in the development of Choral Sound TV show in Soweto TV
  • Presented at GMFM
  • Currently designing and producing almost ALL programs at RSTV.
  • Founder: Rising Sun Filming and TV




  • Currently CEO at PW Telecomms
  • Graduated in Communication measuring in TV and Film Production (Arizona University, USA)
  • Shambe Productions: Emzini wezinsizwa script writing
  • Mamas Bro Productions: Executive Producer
  • Corporate image media: Executive Producer
  • I-Media: CEO,  MBTV: CEO & Mpumalanga Digital Hub: CEO
  • Founder: Rising Sun Filming and TV